Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We're personal protective products manufacture. Our office is located in Shandong province,China.

Q: Do you have items in stock at your office?

A: No. All of our items are stocked with our factory warehouses.

Q: Can you offer competitive price ?

A: Yes, we can offer compertive price and high quality standard products.

Q: Can I purchase in bulk?

A: Absolutely ! Order bulk quantity of products is welcomed here. Please fill in the contact form , our sales manager will contact you within 2 hours. We can evaluate what you need and provide you latest price quote.

Q: Do you offer samples of products?

A:We offer samples of many products. If you're not sure of what to order, please take some time to fill in the sample request form, after that we will get in touch with you asap, thanks for your time and your coorperation.

Q: Can I order customized products?

A: We offer many products that can be customized, the logo,pattern,material and even functions can be customized. please fill in the contact form , our sales manager will contact you immediately

Q: Can I order products that aren't shown in your catalog or on your web site?

A: Yes. If you're looking for a product we don't currently have in stock, we can get it for you. please fill in the contact form , our sales manager will contact you immediately.

Q: How To Find The Right Size Safety Shoes?

A: If boots are the wrong size they will leave your feet blistered, chafed and painful.we designed our shoes according to the human engineering,we can customize for you!

Q: I Was Sick After One Month, Even Forehead Is Sweating In The Winter !What can I do ?

A: The poor breath-ability safety hat will cause hair loss due to some oily substances secreted by the hair can not go out. It can even cause bacteria and scalp irritation. SafetyMaster provide helmet with ventilation holes, which completely solved the problem

If you have questions unsolved, please contact us , we are looking forward to help you.