Our professional Team

Alice Zhang


Alice has 20 years of business management and business experience, as well as talent selection and team building experience. She is the founder of the "Hui structure of the future" business management courses, which helped China's foreign trade company out of the plight of enterprise management. In her spare time she enjoys traveling abroad and adopting little dog.

Mark Qian

procurement manager

Mark is has been with Safetymaster for 6 years, we all know he is a very strict person. He used to list the work in his daily working plan and finish them one by one.If he failed to finish them he will not get off work. So we don’t worry about the quality of our material, because we have Mark. He likes to listening light music and doing yoga in his spare time.

Shine Xu

sales manager

Shine has been with the Safetynaster team for 13 years,her biggest dream is traveling around the world.She has served clients from many countries and build a good relationship. She graduated from Shanghai Foreign Language University. Thus, communicate effectively with foreign clients is a piece of cake for her.She enjoys spending time with her two children and playing tennis.


production manager

Steve has extensive experience in sales and business management. He specializes in personal safety products and equipment for removal of asbestos, lead, mold and other hazardous materials. Doug graduated with a BS from Fudan University. He enjoys playing basketball and traveling everywhere.

Anna Li

marketing manager

With over 10 years experience working in the security supplies industry, Anna is very familiar with the international security supplies market,She has her own unique insight for the industry development in the future.Besides,she loves to travel, spend quality time with her family and friends, and play with her newly adopted dog, called Huanhuan.