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Summer Oil Resistant Chef Shoes Wholesale from China SH#37105

Summer Chef Shoes Slip Resistant Wholesale from China SH#37112

Chef Clogs Waterproof Non Slip Oil Resistant Chef Footwear For Men

Breathable Anti Slip Waterproof Oil Resistant Chef shoes Wholesale SH#37001

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  • AlproCell Plastic Material Chef Shoes

    A honeycomb plastic material that can effectively resist oil, the material is more flexible and not easily deformed.

  • AlproFoam Special Plastic Material Chef Shoes

    A foamed plastic material that is resistant to grease, grease, etc., is more durable.

  • Genuine Leather Chef Shoes

    The scalp is composed of a dermis layer and a reticular layer that is connected with the dermal layer. It is durable, comfortable and delicate. However, in order to comply with the working environment of the kitchen, the leather must be professionally treated to achieve the purpose of waterproof and oil resistance.

  • EVA Resin Chef Shoes

    It is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer that is light, durable, cushioned, antiseptic, and widely used in shoe materials.

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