The cook’s working time is nearly ten hours a day. Standing for a long time needs a pair of comfortable chef shoes to help. Then the question is, what shoes should a chef wear?

  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomics
  • Deodorant
  • Clean
  • Environmental Materials

AlproCell plastic material:

A honeycomb plastic material that can effectively resist oil, the material is more flexible and not easily deformed.

AlproFoam special plastic material:

A foamed plastic material that is resistant to grease, grease, etc., is more durable.

Genuine Leather:

The scalp is composed of a dermis layer and a reticular layer that is connected with the dermal layer. It is durable, comfortable and delicate. However, in order to comply with the working environment of the kitchen, the leather must be professionally treated to achieve the purpose of waterproof and oil resistance.

EVA resin:

It is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer that is light, durable, cushioned, antiseptic, and widely used in shoe materials.

Version type

The chef’s shoes are best molded at one time, with a smooth surface, no dead ends in all directions, easier to clean, composite ergonomic design, and fit to the foot bones. The toes are less than the toes and there is enough space for the feet to move.


The shoe bed made of softwood mixed with natural latex penetrates softly, and gradually conforms to the wearer’s foot shape, which is more comfortable and antibacterial and breathable.


Sole is generally PU and EVA and other materials, the sole design of the special pattern can play a non-slip effect.

What shoes should a chef wear?

1, the bottom of the shoes should have a strong perspiration system, including the exhaust hole in the area where the feet are most likely to sweat, the gap between the heel insole and the heel, you can discharge a lot of sweat through the sole.
2, in the shoes around the design of non-slip sponge ring can effectively prevent the foot forward, the toe will not top to the toe.
3, hanging buckle can not only play a decorative role, but also can effectively prevent the heel and shoes separated.

So if the chef has a pair of comfortable and comfortable chef shoes, would he prefer to stay in the kitchen? “The work of a worker must first sharpen his tools.” This sentence is used here, it is more appropriate!

What shoes should a chef wear?