How to wear safety helmet?

Safety helmet needs to be worn properly, otherwise, its protective effect cannot be fully performed. In general, we should pay attention to the following matters :

1. First the adjustment band should be adjusted to a proper posotion, then fasten the elastic band inside the hat, and adjust the strap to control the elasticity of the cushion. The vertical distance between the top of the human head and the top of the helmet body is generally between 25 and 50mm, and that would be much better if it is not less than 32mm. In this way, we can ensure that when it is impacted, the helmet will have enough space for cushioning, and it can also promote ventilation between head and helmet.

2. Do not wear a safety helmet crookedly, and do not wear the brim behind your head. Otherwise, the protective effect of safety helmet on the impact will be reduced.

3. The under tie of safety helmet must be buckled and fastened under the jaw, and the tightness should be moderate. This will prevent the safety hat from being blown off by the wind, being crashed by other obstacles and dropped, or falling to the ground due to the head swings back and forth.

4. In addition to cap lining installed inside the top of hard hat, there are also holes in the cap. However, the hole for breathing effect should not be openned casually. Because this will reduce the strength of the helmet.

5. Because the helmet will damage gradually, so testing regularly is necessary. The situation like cracks, dents, and worn should be checked. Once the abnormal situation is found the helmet need to be replaced immediately, and it should no longer be used. Any cracked helmet, whether or not damaged, should be scrapped anyway.

6. The safety helmet with only the connected mandible strap and cap should not be used. These are the safety helmets that have no buffer layer.

7. The construction site worker are not surposed to take off the helmet during operation, or set it aside and use as a cushion.

8. Most of the helmets are made of high density low pressure polyethylene plastic, which has hardening and blemishes identity, so it should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.

9. As for new safety helmet, checking the certification of quality test is very important, then we should check again for whether buffer layer, adjustment belt and elastic band is complete and effective, whether the helmet is damaged or has uneven thickness. The helmet which can not meet the standard should not be used.

10. Safety helmets is also needed for indoor work, especially when electrician working indoors. This is because the safety helmet can not only prevent crash but also has Insulation effect.

11. Hard hat should be kept clean. Do not touch the fire, do not paint,do not use as a stool. If it was lost or damaged,then must be replaced immediately. Anyone with no safety helmets are not allowed to enter the construction site.