Hard hat cannot be used after expiration date

Once visiting a construction site of petrochemical company with my boss, we saw an employee accidentally being hit by cement block while working, the blood flowing on the spot. However, the employee did wear a hard hat at that time. After that incident, the relevant authorities came over for inspection, they found that the hard hat he worn has long exceeded its service life, even the shell has been brittle and no longer have sufficient impact resistance.So I wanted to write something to tell everyone when I back to company, hard hat is protective tool in labor production, the protective effect against object strike can not be ignored. However, the fact is we have seen security threats on the safety helmets recently.


Many companies only care if workers wear helmets but few care about the service life of hard hats. But most employees know nothing about the expiration date of safety hat. Some people even said that wearing a safety helmet is just a matter of deal with leadership inspections and can not be used at the key time.

According to national standards, The use of safety helmets can be up to 3 years since the date of manufacture completed, and the service life of hard hat is 2.5 years. What’s more, it should be perform quality test once in a while, once it pass the test can continue to be used otherwise it should be scrapped immediately. If the helmet is used after expired date, its shell is easy to age and brittle, and the Impact resistance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame resistance effect will be reduced rapidly. There are no protective effect anymore. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a file for the helmet during the test in order to make its status well documented. The unqualified safety helmets should be scrapped and destroyed, and must
not be used indefinitely.

To sum up, the usage of expired helmets should not be ignored. We need to eliminating the hidden safety hazards caused by using expired hard hats, and allowing the construction helmets play the real effect of safety protection.



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