In fact, among the high-risk groups of occupational diseases, the chef ranks second, only behind the firefighters. But even the chef himself does not know.

Kitchen injury

In the 2015 survey report, nearly 70% of industrial injury take place in the kitchen. and 80% among the industry injuries are caused by floor slippery. Because the kitchen floor can not avoid oil and water. Even some ignorant boss use polised bricks when decoration, how can it not slip? In fact, chef can not even stand stable in the kitchen, so how can they work ? There is no need to talk about their working efficiency!

The most dangerous time for chefs is falling down while holding a boling soup, they will not only fall injury but also get burned, and the consequences could be disastrous.Not exaggerating at all !

Of course no one want that things happen, however, we can not change the kitchen environment, the only thing we can do is to get a pair of high quality chef shoes, which has the functions of non-slip, oil resistance and waterproof.

So what is the best shoes for chef ?

— Light Weight, anti slip, comfortable, ergonomics, deodorant, clean, environmental friendly, soft soles and durable. The shoes soles need to be higher, otherwise it will get wet easily.

Chef shoes material

1. AlproCell plastic material: it is a soft honeycomb plastic material that can effectively resist oil and not easily be deformed.
2. AlproFoam special plastic material: It is a foamed plastic material, can resist grease, oil, etc. and more durable.
3. Leather: The scalp is composed of high quality leather layer and mesh layer, which is durable,comfortable and delicate. However, in order to meet the working standard of kitchen, the leather should be treated professionally.
4. EVA Resin: It is widely used in shoes materials, which has the advantages of light weight, durable, cushioning and antiseptic.

Why should choose EVA resin material ?

By using environmentally friendly and tasteless imported EVA material, the shoes will have the advantages of light, durable, cushioning, anti-corrosion, and it can absorb external impact and disperse the impact instantly, which can relieve the fatigue of the foot effectively.

What is professional slip resistant shoes ?

Generally speaking, the slip resistant shoes is the shoes that has a bump groove at the front feet. The professional slip resistance shoes usually are made of natural high-elasticity rubber and special steel nails. It can help kitchen workers to accomplish a large number of stumbling action. The biggest difference between non-slip shoes and ordinary shoes is that it can effectively prevent slipping and falling on wet floor and other special places. The non-slip shoes can prevent deform, fall off, slip, and it can be used repeatedly. Which is helpful to reduce the probability of accidents when working in the kitchen.

Why should choose soft soles chef shoes ?

Safetymaster chef shoes soles are made of natural latex and softwood, which will make the shoes become more and more comfortable, and even will conforms to the wearer’s foot shape gradually. The special pattern design of the sole can play a non-slip effect.

More details you should know about chef shoes

1. The bottom of shoe should have a powerful sweat system. Placing holes in the most sweaty areas of the feet, leaving gaps between the heel insole and the heel can drain a lot of sweat through the sole.
2. Designing a non-slip foam ring at the circumference of the shoe can effectively prevent the foot from leaning forward, and the toe will not reach the toe cap.
3. Hanging buckle can not only play a decorative role, but also can effectively prevent the separation of the heel and shoes.
4. The most comfortable heel height difference is 2.5 cm,which is helpful to protects the waist.

Where to buy high quality chef shoes ?

Established in the year 1993 at Shandong province in China, Safetymaster is most reliable manufacturer and supplier of chef shoes. Safetymaster chef shoes are designed using high quality raw material and latest machines under the supervision of skilled workers. Available in various specifications, sizes and designs, these prodcucts are widely used in various industrial sectors. Cost effectiveness, comfort and elegant design are some of the important features of these products. Our chef shoes are used in the finest restaurants and greasiest kitchens, Safetymaster now and always, just wants to help you be safe.

Why choose Safetymaster chef shoes ?

  • The Shoes upper can be simply cleaned by using ordinary shoes polish.
  • Specially-treated leather uppers are soft ,breathable and will not get you a smelly feet.
  • Special anti slip treatment at the bottom of the shoe, which guaranteed anti-slip requirements for kitchen staff.
  • Special wear protection measures for the easily worn position to make you more comfortable.


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