Many people always ask what the difference will make between different quality reflective safety vests. Sometimes 1 dollar safety vests looks the same as the 10 dollar where is the difference? After collecting useful data, we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of safety vests.

What does reflective clothing refers to ?

The reflective clothing usually refers to the clothing that has reflective warning effect at night.These kinds of clothing are consist of two parts reflective materials, that is reflective tape and basic fabric.When the lights shine at night,the safety vests can reflect back some of the light to alert people. In fact, the safety vests can not illuminate
by itself.

What are industrial standards of safety vests ?

According to national and industrial standards.The manufacturer of safety vests has the duty of strictly control the quality of safety vests in all aspects of design, material selection, sewing and post processing.It is not as simple as sewing one or more reflective straps on ordinary clothing directly.However, once you open the safety vests online shopping websites,you can see thousands of safety vests on sale, so how can we find high quality safety vests between the countless selling products ?

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As a matter of fact, there are many clearly standards on the points such as distance of reflection,number of washing times,width of reflective tape etc.Thus, can we wear the safety vests that not reach the quality standards ? It does not mean reflective clothing that does not conform to the standard can’t be worn, but it will have more or less certain problems and security risks.

For example,if the standard for reflective distance if 330m, but you wear a clothing with a reflective distance of only 100m. Of course it’s okay, just when emergency situation occur, you will have less time to react than others,so the danger will increase too.

What’s more, the “phosphor” above the reflective tape is called glass beads in fact, the reflection of safety vests will be effective at night due to its shooting and reflection on light.Safetymaster brand safety strap wholesale

In fact, some safety vests does have a reflective distance of 330m,but due to incorrect processing, the glass beads can fall off easily.This lead to some safety vests do not reflecting after washing several times.

How to distinguish the quality of safety vests?

Therefore, we need to ask the seller what the reflective distance is and how many washing times available when buying safety vests.Of course,the bigger reflection distance and more washing times supported will make better safety vests.

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Regarding to the quality of reflective vests, there are many aspects that can be used to judge the quality of safety vests besides reflective distance and washing times, now we will mention one more standards here. that is the width of reflective strip or lattice strip.

According to the standard, the width of reflective material should be more than 5cm. when you see this number, you may find there are many safety vests that can not reach this standard. In fact, the safety vests can not reach this standard are difficult to have more than 330m reflective distance.

At last, we suggest you to buy high quality standard safety vests, because this is not only related to the stability of the company’s operations, but also related to the health of employees!

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