Reflective Vest Cleaning Methods and Replacement Cycle


Do you know the correct washing method of reflective clothing? and how often does it need to be replaced? Here are some point we should pay attention to.

  • you need to wash reflective vests by hands rather than put into the washing machine and wash with other clothes at the same time.
  • It should be soaked in warm water and do not expose it in the hot sun。
  • When storage the safety vests, be careful not to over-folding the reflective tape. This will extend the service life of the reflective clothing.


It is important that the reflective strips on the reflective vests cannot be knead under excessive force. Otherwise the reflective glass beads on the vests will easily falling off untill no reflective effects. When we wash our reflective vests, we can gently wipe it with wet cloth.

The protection effects of reflective vests have indeed brought us a lot of convenience. However, reflective vest is not disposable clothing, it can be recycled many times. If it is not properly maintained, it will become a piece of scrapped clothing soon.

When we find the reflective effects of the reflective vest is weakened or the reflective effect is reduced, then it is time for us to change the reflective clothing. Usually the change time is within six months, but we need to update reflective vests within 1-3 months when summer, because the strong light and high temperature to ensure the best warning protection.

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